Live streams and webinars

Do you need to live stream your event, conference or seminar? Want to run a video conference and need a better picture than your webcam can produce? Or maybe you need to run an webinar or seminar using Zoom Conferencing?

Whatever your live-streaming requirements, OHM Productions can help. We can stream to an extensive list of destinations like YouTube and Facebook or integrate a multi-camera setup into a Zoom meeting to give the meeting participants a much richer experience.

Two camera webinar

Our  two camera plus PowerPoint Video Conferencing package includes:

  • Fixed wide locked off camera

  • Close up follow camera with an operator

  • PowerPoint input so your slides can be shown easily to meeting participants – Laptop included

  • Vision switcher with record and video playback options

  • Producer to switch between video images and PowerPoint, plus mange audio levels

Video production

Need a corporate video produced? Want to showcase a product or service? OHM Productions can produce a short and simple product video through to complex feature length documentaries.

Our video production services are priced competitively and include all the components you need to get your project finished. Our video production services includes videoing, editing, music, audio mixing, professional voice overs and exporting in the video format of your choice.

Motorsport video

We specialise in Motorsport video and can create a package to suit your budget.

Our most popular approach is creating news style video reports perfect for Social Media and other online applications. We tell the story of your motorsport or other sporting event with full commentary, competitor interviews and any results. News reports are also perfect for providing local TV News stations with a story for the six o’clock bulletin

Drone footage

Drone footage is commonplace in most video productions nowadays and including stunning aerial vision in your production can be the difference between a good video and a great video.

OHM Productions can organise the perfect aerial shot using a fully licensed, CASA registered and insured drone operator. Aerial video is now well within your reach. Ask us about including drone footage in your next project

Social media management

We not only create great videos, we can also manage the publishing and promotion of the content we create. We can take care of uploading your video stories to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or even your website. Just let us know where and when you want it published and we’ll do the rest.

Need a more comprehensive social media management solution? Or maybe even web media development? Ask us about the other options available to help you make an impact on Social Media.

Website and media management

Need video or other media for your website? OHM Productions can shoot and edit the right content so that your website makes a visually stunning impact to visitors.

We also provide web site content development, website design and website management. Ask us about how we can help you with your online presence.

Special projects and event management

Need your event media managed? Or maybe you have a special project that needs video or other media content.  OHM Productions offers a range of event management services including motorsport event management. Our motorsport event management can include event administration as well as media management.  Talk to us about how we can assist you with your event management.

Check out some of our projects

Our video projects can be tailored to meet almost any budget. From live-streams to feature length documentaries, OHM Productions is your one stop video production shop.